Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Into the unknown

First off, let me just say that I am thankful that the only losses I have suffered due to the hurricane relate to my travel plans. My loved ones are safe, and my home is still standing.

I have been looking forward to the Backspace Agent-Author Seminar this weekend and also to hassle-free and on-time air travel, but it now appears that only one of those things is in my future.

Like everyone else in the world whose travel plans included New York City, my original flights have been cancelled. Since I live more than a day's drive away, the only feasible option that didn't involve melting into a puddle of self-pity was rebooking a flight for another hub on the eastern seaboard and hoping that Greyhound resumes service to New York tomorrow afternoon.

So this is what I have done. It may not be glamorous or fragrant,* but it will give me something to talk about during cocktail hour. If you are a fellow writer making the trip, I look forward to seeing you there. If you are an agent, witness my determination! I will go the extra mile! Or 200.

*Neither is air travel.

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