Tuesday, October 16, 2012

That ain't right

I've considered starting a blog for a while, and I read something last night that made me decide it was time.

There are moments when you have to say something.

The article I read (let's call it the "inciting event") was a New York Times piece about a "Christian" group that has encouraged parents to keep their children home from school on Mix It Up at Lunch Day. Mix It Up at Lunch Day was intended to encourage kids to have lunch with people they don't normally socialize with--maybe kids from different ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic groups, or cliques. What could be wrong with that?

According to the American Family Association, Mix It Up at Lunch Day is part of a sinister plot to promote acceptance of homosexuality among our impressionable young'uns.

Let me make a few things clear.

First, I'm a Christian.

Second, I've read my Bible, and I've come across several parts where this guy named Jesus goes around being nice to people who are typically treated as outcasts. Like the part where Jesus shares a drink with a Samaritan woman who's so despised that she doesn't go to the well until the hottest part of the day, when she won't run into anyone (John 4). Or the one where he dines with Zacchaeus, a tax collector so hated that people start whispering that Jesus is the kind of guy who hangs out with unsavory folk (Luke 19). Sound familiar?

Somehow, I missed the story where Jesus said, "Sit thee not with homosexuals, theater kids, and other undesirables, lest ye be tainted by association." I missed that part because it's NOT THERE.

Seventh grade is hard enough, people.

My point? I'm sick of people like the AFA administrators telling us that the most pernicious ill in our society is some homosexual conspiracy, not widespread poverty, genocide, bigotry, or a simple lack of compassion for our fellow human. I'm disgusted that any group describing itself as a "family organization" could put the ostracization of schoolchildren on its agenda. And I'm tired of these people claiming Christianity.

I only have one voice, but I'm making it count.

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