Monday, December 10, 2012

Be unapologetic about what you love

Loving openly makes a person vulnerable, and we all learned in middle school that this is dangerous.

So it's sometimes easier and cooler to snipe at the things we don't like. There is value to this sniping as part of a longer conversation about what makes certain ideas and pursuits worthwhile, edifying, or interesting. It's also helpful to get the crankiness out of one's system on books, movies, and ideas, which can't feel.

But sometimes we need to remind ourselves of what we like, and we need to share it with other people. We need to keep the things that motivate and inspire us front and center, even if that means hanging them out there for the world to see. Because it's rewarding to share the things that get you going, and it's even better when someone stops you just to say, "Hey, that think you love? It's awesome."

Some of the things I unapologetically love are:

  • classic Sierra computer games
  • Aliens (I was slightly devastated when my spouse pointed out how 80s some of the dialogue is)
  • Neal Stephenson books
  • skiing moguls
  • mulled wine
  • indoor rock gyms
  • Battlestar Galactica (the re-imagined series)
  • bread pudding
  • the f'ed up worlds of China MiĆ©ville
Mask of Eternity didn't count, anyway.

Happy Monday.

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