Monday, September 30, 2013

From escapism to building stuff

Becky Chambers at The Mary Sue shared some thoughts about how escapism can be a useful tool for reinvigorating and refocusing one's energy on The Tasks At Hand.

In the middle of a rough patch, Chambers turned her energies to building a Minecraft house based on one of her favorite game environments. What's really exciting (besides the house, which sounds like a trip) is how she managed to turn the experience into something that gave her verve and stamina for the workday.

Chambers thought about what she liked when she went a-sandboxing. And then she thought about how she could recreate it with the tools at hand. Adding structure and introspection to play can create a fun and fulfilling learning experience.

She also took some time off from the issues that were dominating her. Spouse always says that the best way to decide on something is to get all the information, sleep on it, and let the unconscious brain do the heavy lifting. It's amazing how much the conscious mind can get in the way.

Most importantly, Chambers channeled the search for satisfaction into her regular work. Escapism can be a distraction when it becomes the end goal, but at its best, it's a tantalizing hint of something bigger. Productive, creative, and original work is difficult yet exciting.

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