Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blog Tour for The Buried Life!

It is now officially release week; The Buried Life will be among us this Tuesday! Now, I may be keeping mum around here, but several kind folks have been gracious enough to allow me to share Recoletta, Jane, Malone, Arnault, and more from The Buried Life at their online abodes.

Also, brisket.

More to follow, but here's where you can keep up:

February 26: Giveaway of The Buried Life @ Just a Guy That Likes To Read
February 27: Author Query Redux: On Delays and Surprises @ A Fantastical Librarian

March 2: Eating Authors: The BBQ Road Trip @ Lawrence M. Schoen
March 2: 2015 Debut Author Challenge @ The Qwillery

March 3: Memoirs of a Young Bureaucrat (An Excerpt) @ The Book Plank
March 3: Five Favorite Weird Metropolises @
March 3: Listmaking: My SuperpowerThe Skiffy and Fanty Show

March 4: Book Bites: Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Casserole @ Fran Wilde
March 4: Wednesday Geek Woman @

March 5: My Favorite Bit @ Mary Robinette Kowal
March 5: Five Things I Learned Writing The Buried Life @ Chuck Wendig's terribleminds
March 5: The Perfect Sidekick @ All Things UF

March 6: The Big Idea @ John Scalzi's Whatever

March 7: 2pm Signing and Launch Party @ Mysterious Galaxy San Diego

March 8: Unlikely Influences, or What I Learned about Writing from Scuba Diving @ Kate Heartfield's blog

March 9: Talking 'Bout Book Launches @ The Kingdoms of Evil with Dan Bensen

March 11: InterviewThe Qwillery

March 12: Podcast "The Buried Life of Broken Souls" @ Dungeon Crawlers Radio

March 16: I Can't Believe It's Not Steampunk! @ The Tex Files with Tex Thompson

March 20: Podcast and Interview @ The Skiffy and Fanty Show

March 30: Gaslight Geeks @ Generations Geek

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