Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Get Up and Gen Con

This week, I'm headed to Gen Con to participate in the Writer's Symposium! This will be my first experience at Gen Con, but I'm looking foward to it in a big way. Here's where I'll be:

Thursday, August 4

  • Video Game Writing 101 @ 1pm (Cabinet)
  • Video Game Writing: Game Stories vs. Stories for Other Media @ 2pm (Cabinet)
  • Signing at Indy Reads Books @ 5-7pm

Friday, August 5

  • Signing at the Angry Robot booth @ 10am-1pm (Exhibit Hall #3044)
  • Character Craft: Characters that Aren't Reflections of You @2pm (Capital 1)
  • Chillin' at the Angry Robot booth @ 4-5pm (Exhibit Hall #3044)
  • Writing Excuses (with Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, and Bill Fawcett) @ 7:15pm

Saturday, August 6

  • Signing at the Exhibit Hall @ 11am-12pm
  • Video Game Writing: Representation in Games @ 2pm (Cabinet)
  • Back with the Angry Robot overlords @ 4-6pm, (Exhibit Hall #3044)
  • Reading from "Here Be Monsters" @ 7pm (Congress 2)

Sunday, August 7

  • Read & Critique @ 9-11am (Chamber)
  • Drinking Cheap Wine on an Airplane @ ??-?? (30,000 ft)

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